children's ministries

At Bridgeway we love kids! And even better, from our cuddling baby-rockers, to Preschool class puppet shows, to Elementary game-time, kids also love Bridgeway.  Yet, with all the fun they will have, you can be assured that your children will be lovingly cared for, and led through stories and lessons that make it clear, they are loved by God. The time to instill trust in a loving God is now, so bring your children to our ministries and know they are in good and Godly care.

Kids club

Grades 1-5

A monthly gathering to give kids the opportunity to connect, grow and deepen relationships with each other, to invite friends to a fun, comfortable and welcoming environment to hear the gospel.

1st WEDNESDAY |   6:30 - 8PM

Leaders: Matt & Katie Sol, Alice Martin

funday school

Age 3 to grade 5

SUNDAY | During Worship Service

PreK - K  | Age 3 - Grade K

      Location: Room 203

      Leader: Brittany Brown/Alice Martin

ELEMENTARY | Grade 1-5

      Location: Room 106

      Leader: Brittany Brown/Alice Martin

Infant / toddler nursery

6 weeks - age 2

When you bring your infant or toddler to our childcare rooms during the worship service, 

you can be assured that they will be lovingly cared for by our volunteers.  

SUNDAY | During Worship Service

LOCATION: Level 2/Main floor

Infants - Room 207

 Toddlers - Room 205

LEADER: Brittany Brown

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