living beyond myself


It's a directive from God to every believer. His word makes it clear that it's our job to share Christ's love in unselfish service to others. When we serve in God's name, it not only impacts those we serve directly, but it also leads to spiritual transformation in our own lives. There are many ways to serve at Bridgeway. Whether you feel called to rock babies, paint walls, or lead a bible study, we want to connect you with the work to which God has called you. 

Get involved today.

Follow the three easy steps below to find the ministry match for your gifts and passions.

  • 1. discover your gifts

    Click on the icon to Take this easy quiz and discover the gifts that God gave you for serving others.

  • 2. review your opportunities to serve

    Click on the icon to Review our Serving Opportunities Catalog and see which ministries you feel a connection to.

  • 3. take a first serve step (JUST Jump in)

    God intends for you to use the gifts he's given you. You can contact the ministry leader directly, or click on the icon to Choose a serving opportunity. A ministry leader will contact you to answer your questions and help you decide if this ministry is a good fit for you.